Back2You Rewards for smart-metered wastewater and biodegradable wastes

WasteWater and bio-wastes are valuable resources that are constantly renewed.   

For example; at South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) students using a toilet can pick up coffee, noodles, fruits and books with the virtual currency they get because human waste is transformed to  power a building. 

Our Back2You Rewarding scheme empowers the providers of those raw materials to: 

  • get their expenses for wastes and wastewater collection reduced or eliminated, 
  • benefit early warnings, monitoring and tracking of virus detection in their wastewater;
  • exchange their rewards against: 

 – products generating biodegradable residues (e.g. biodegradable laundry soap or cosmetics, organic rice and/or cotton grown with bio-fertilisers from bio-refineries), thus enabling an optimal circular economy ,

– goods or services with inputs recovered or made from bio-refineries (e.g. telecom services using renewable energy from transformed bio-wastes, green mobility),

– goods or services enabling to become a smart-metered provider of wastewater and/or of bio-wastes  e.g. equipment for improved sanitation.

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* BIO-DEGRADABLE SOLID WASTES: include any organic matter in waste which can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water, methane and compost for example animal manure and food wastes.


* WASTEWATER according to UNEP/UN Habitat definition: black water (excreta, urine and fecal sludge)

  • greywater (kitchen and bathing wastewater),
  • water from commercial establishments and institutions, hospitals; industrial effluent,
  • stormwater and other urban run-off;
  • agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture effluent.